DuckMan Part Three

"doadtopuuuyooettdhhsoosnrppoorrppoopoorpereyaudbfjeg" Beast Boy was groaning. This is just like Terra all over again. "No it isn't" said Robin. "We have only known Duckman for around twelve hours." "We knew Terra like our family. It not the same." Raven pointed out. 

They were strolling about when all of the sudden

the sky turned black. A hug mob of ducks was swarming the skies.

They would fly down and pick up people then carry them away because they were actually evil.

Beast Boy turned into a duck in disguise and flew to the source of the minions. There was duckman, at the window.

"Why are you green, duck, you look sick." said Duckman. Then  Beast Boy turned into a t-Rex and ate Duckmanin one gulp.


(or is it...)

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