BF AND GF Pinkfire and Jason

Jason was walking down the streets, trying to get in touch with his high school buddy, Robin. All of a sudden he sees people running to a store and he goes to check it out. There he sees a pink-haired girl sitting on a shelf. Jason walks up to her and says "Hi, your a pretty girl." She then grabs him bye his neck andkisses him. As seen in picture----->.


Pinkfire has long pink hair and dark green eyes, she wears a necklace that is white and has a emerald on it, she also wears a pink shirt with blue dots on each sleeve and blue painted fingernails.

Jason wears a green hat and has blue eyes, he wears a necklace like pinkfie's only with a sapphire on it, he also wears a green school outfit with white sleeves and green tie.


Pinkfire is a sweet girl who can sometimes have a attidude problem but is deeply in love with Jason and would kill herself if it meant rescuing him.

Jason is a mature but sweet boy and is deeply in love with pinkfire, he would kill someone over her or even kill himself if it meant rescuing her.


Pinkfire has laser eyes can easily shoot laser beams out of her hands.

Jason doesn't have any powers except flight.


Pinkfire and Jason have a very deep bond and are in love very very much!


Pinkfire: You don't mess with my honey, Honey!

You think you can still Jason away from me?

Jason: Pinkfire is mine, we've known each other for 3 years!

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