[The scene cuts to the Titans are doing a hobby. Cyborg is doing burpees, Starfire is writing a document on a notebook, Raven is reading a book, Beast Boy (as a cat) playing with a yarn, and Robin ready to have his birdarangs and staff.]

  • Robin: I got my birdarangs. And now I have my staff.
  • Starfire: Isn't it the good that if I am the writing the document about you loving the me?
  • Robin: Yeah. Now kiss me!

[Starfire kisses Robin and blushes]

  • Robin: You're making me blush!
  • Raven: You're doing good, Starfire. You're doing good...

[Alarm blaring]

  • Robin: Oh no!
  • Cyborg: What is it?
  • Beast Boy: Somethings wrong, dude?
  • Robin: It's the H.I.V.E.! They're robbing a bank.
  • Raven: Where's Jinx?
  • Robin: I said she's already retired! Don't worry about it!
  • Beast Boy: Well if Jinx gots retired, she wasn'ts a villainess, brah.
  • Robin: Okay, okay! Sheesh. Titans Go!

[scene cuts to the H.I.V.E. robbing a bank]

  • Robin: You're going down, Mikron O'Jeneus!

[Robin fights Gizmo with a staff]

  • Gizmo: Oh yeah? And if you thought Jinx wasn't the leader, Tenebra is now!

[Tenebra is brushing her hair and puts it back into her very own purse]

  • Tenebra: Oh, don't you say. I remember that time how you have brought here.
  • Raven: Something to say about you, Tenebra! But I got your back!

[Raven is fighting Tenebra, Beast Boy is fighting Billy Numerous, Cyborg is fighting Mammoth, Starfire is fighting See-More, and Robin is fighting Gizmo]

  • Robin: I won't let you do this!
  • Gizmo: That's because you're a poopybutt!
  • Robin: Poopybutt?
  • Gizmo: Poopybutt! Your staff is poo poo!
  • Robin: It's not poo poo! I mean it!
  • Gizmo: Yes, you stupid poopybutt!

[Gizmo smacks Robin with a weapon and the mask ended up flying away]

  • Robin: Oh no!

[Robin covers his eyes with his elbow and screams]

  • Robin: I cannot believe it!
  • Starfire: What's the wrong?
  • Robin: My eyes! My mask! My sanity! [screams]
  • Gizmo: That's the lamest thing I ever seen!
  • Billy Numerous: I know right?
  • See-More: Right, man.
  • Mammoth: Maybe he needs a doctor.
  • Starfire: Uh, Robin?
  • Robin: Yes?
  • Raven: There's a parasitic twin in your eye.
  • Robin: My eye?
  • Cyborg: And it's in your eye socket!
  • Beast Boy: Yeah, dude! And theres was a parasite dude that looks likes you has in it, yo!

[Robin uncovers his eyes but now has a parasitic twin popping out of his own eye socket. Robin is screaming and faints]

  • Robin's Parasitic Twin: Hey, I'm not very scary!
  • Beast Boy: Wow, this is gettings disgusting.
  • Cyborg: I know, right? I didn't knew that Robin had an identical twin brother.
  • Robin's Parasitic Twin: Hi, big bro!
  • Robin: Hi, little bro! Wanna fall in love with Starfire?
  • Robin's Parasitic Twin: Sure! [to Starfire] Hi, Starfire! You're so cute!
  • Starfire: Why the hello there. My name is the Starfire. And the you must be?
  • Robin's Parasitic Twin: A parasite!

[Starfire screams]

  • Raven: The parasite wasn't very scary at all.
  • Robin: I know.

[The H.I.V.E. scream in panic]

  • Gizmo: You're gross, snot twin!
  • Billy Numerous: Ewwwwwww!!!
  • See-More: Oh no! [vomits]
  • Robin's Parasitic Twin: I'm not that scary. I'm cute!
  • Gizmo: What's this?
  • Tenebra: Don't you dare!
  • Mammoth: Oh no! This is geting worse!

[Gizmo pokes the parasitic twin and the parasitic twin punches Gizmo]

  • Robin: Hey, I should call you your "mini-me"!
  • Robin's Parasitic Twin: Hooray! [giggles]

[scene cuts to Starfire ready to kiss Robin's parasitic twin; scene cuts to at the tower, Cyborg meets up with Robin and his twin]

  • Cyborg: Booyah! Cannot believe we fought crime and you just had your twin!
  • Robin's Parasitic Twin: Well Thank you so much, Cyborg!