Zek is a hero made by Trikop.


Zek is an extraterrestrial from the 9th demension, who uses his powers for good. Everyone who lived in the 9th dimension is now deceased (besides Zek), due to a glitch in an inter-demensional portal that was opened, crashing the dimension. Zek's family and friends were devoted to protecting the universe. He was the one who opened the portal and so got through before the world collapsed. He spent his life traveling the galaxy fighting crime when his ship crashed and he ended up stranded on Earth, his present and permanent home.


Super Strength - Is super strong.

Tail Whack - Can whack with tail.

Claws - Super sharp claws.

Bite - Extremely powerful bite\super sharp teeth.

Kick - Zek will balance on his tail and kick forward with both legs.(Like a kangaroo.)


Light-blue kangaroo-like creature with dark-blue eyebrows, claws, antennae, and stomach padding. Neon orange eyes. Three fingers, two toes, claws on both.Ball-tipped tail.


Can speak every language on earth + his own. Is friendly but curious and willing to proove himself. Is 16 years old. Friends with the teen titans. You can read about him in Zek's Story